Guild Rules

Rules to Play By

Guild Rules

As a member you are entitled to the full benefits of the guild. This includes, but is not limited to: participation in guild events, the use of our message boards and website, the use of guildchat in-game, the use of our Teamspeak server for you and your friends for WoW and other activities.You have the right to speak freely about your concerns and ideas on the forums, on Teamspeak (some restrictions apply here, see below) and in-game.You have the right to information from the officers/assists and guild leader. They are obliged to answer all of your questions truthfully.You have the right to request assistance from guild mates in your adventures. You are at the same time strongly encouraged to help your guild mates when needed, but not required to be at everyone’s beck and call.

You are entitled to be treated fairly, equally and with respect at all times. You are bound to treat others in the guild in the same manner.

You have the right to request a change in guild policy, rules or anything else related to the guild.
To do so, you need to EMAIL a message to the Guild Master of Natures Fury - Malinor.

As a member of Natures Fury you will be kind and courteous to all players in the game. You will not kill steal, intentionally train, spam, insult, flame or bad mouth players, GMs or chat channels, or do anything that reflects negatively upon the reputation of the guild or its members.

Discrimination or slander based on race, gender, religion, sexual preference, sexual identity or anything that is not accepted in real life, will not be tolerated. Teamspeak is not the forum to discuss any of the above listed protected traits. Punishment will be swift and severe.

You will not harass, beg or complain to get people for your group, about being power leveled, teleported, resurrected, given loot, get enchants or items crafted. These things are not your rights, but your privileges. If a member or the guild decides to help you in this way, that is that member’s decision. You cannot demand it from your guild mates.

Guild chat may at times get rude and you are asked to have a thick skin and not to take offense at things that are meant as a joke. However, cruel comments and sexual harassment to another player will not be tolerated. This will be punishable by either a warning or removal from the guild.

If you have any issues with other members of the guild, or other players, you will discuss those problems with the other person first. We are all adults here and it is the belief of this guild that we can handle our own disagreements. Do not bring issues to the officers unless you absolutely require mediation.

If an issue arises that cannot be resolved, you will act in a dignified manner and allow the leadership of the guild to hand out any reprimands if required.

Most importantly the guild is designed to enhance the enjoyment of the game for you and everyone that plays it. Do not cause undue stress or be disruptive within the guild for your own pleasure. Do not ruin the playtime of others.

• Patriarch (Guild Master)
• Servant of Nature (Officers and Officer Alts)
• Element Conjurer (Officer Apprentice)
• Ready Check Raiders (Guild Raiders)
• Elite (With the guild - OVER 180 days AND level 110)
• Veteran (With the guild - OVER 90 days AND over level 90)
• Acolyte (With the guild - OVER 30 days AND over level 30)
• Initiate (With the guild - NEW RECRUIT AND UNDER level 30)

The guild has a Guild Master, Malinor (Jamie). He has complete authority, but listens to every officer involved and then makes the decision. The officers have the role of adviser to the guild master, and to help out in daily tasks. In the absence of the Guild Master (vacation,personal business), the Servants of Nature (Officers and Officer Alts) have complete authority to run the guild and has the Guild Master - Malinor (Jamie's) complete trust until his return.

The tasks of the guild master and officers include (but is not limited to):
• Recruitment
• Organizing PvE and PvP raids
• Leading 10 man and 25 man PvE raids
• Distributing loot
• Moderating the forums and Teamspeak
• Communication between members and guild masters
• Mediation in case of a dispute between members

Ready Check Raiders (Guild Raiders)
Ready Check Raiders have priority for a spot in 25 man and 10 man raids over non Ready Check Raiders, unless certain classes or types of players are needed to improve the raid setup.
Ready Check Raiders are required to have at least 80% attendance. ( 3 out of 4 Saturday raids ) If they are unable to do so for a short period of time, they need to notify the leadership via the “Offline for a while” thread on the private forum. If they are unable or unwilling to keep up 80% attendance for a long period, they will risk getting demoted to Elite or Veteran rank.

** The following section is NOT complete yet, THESE rules need to be rewritten**

The veteran rank is reserved for friends and inactive players. Not every knight and squire is entitled to veteran rank if they wish to drop below 80% attendance. The decision of who gets veteran rank is left to the leadership.

The social rank is for friends and family of the members. The socials have no rights nor obligations to raid. If the leaders find that there is a spot for a social, a social can be offered a spot.

Alts generally follow the same rules as socials.

Applicants have to be at least level 85, be outfitted to match the guild’s needs (including, but not limited to, class, equipment, talents), and be able to keep up at least 80% attendance. The minimum age is 18. Recruitment is currently the responsibility of the guild leadership, although members are asked to recommend strong players.
A trial is added to the guild and given the rank of squire. After approximately 1 week a topic will be created on the forum where the squire’s positive and negative aspects can be discussed. After at least 4 weeks the squire will be either promoted to knight or removed from the guild. The guild masters ultimately decide, but they are required to list`en to the officers and any knight of the same class before deciding.

Raid Time is RAID TIME. We are here to have fun but lets progress and move as quickly as we can to enjoy more content. There are strict "AFK" rules enforced during raid time. "AFK" MUST be announced prior to departure ( exceptions do apply ).
Our usual raid schedule is Saturday or Sunday 3pm EST. This may change in the future depending on guild members work schedules. All guild raids will be posted on the in-game calendar. Those that sign up will be expected to attend.

You are expected to join at least 75% of the raids(RdyCheckRaiders only). If you are unable to join the raid for a longer period, please notify the leadership beforehand. If you do not, you risk getting demoted to social.
All members of the raid must have Teamspeak installed and be able to hear the raid leader. A microphone is not required but recommended.
To improve raid efficiency, the leadership may remove and invite guild members of any rank to the raid at any time.
Only bosses that are considered “farm” in our current progression will be available to off-specs.
Normal Raid Requirements: Teamspeak, All enchants/sockets filled, At least 1 gold trait unlocked on the artifact weapon.
Heroic Raid Requirements: Exorsus Raid Tools addon. At least 2 gold traits unlocked on artifact weapon.
Mythic Raid Requirements: All traits on artifact weapon unlocked.

Loot Rules
• Mainspec
• Offspec
• Free rolls

To obtain a piece of loot you will wait for the masterlooter to link the item in raid chat. When you see the masterlooter linking the item you want, you will make a main spec roll (1-100). If no one rolls then an Offspec roll will be announced (1-100). If no one rolls then a Free roll will be announced (1-100)
All members (including officers and pugs) have the same status when it comes to receiving loot.

DPS / Tank / Healer
You are not allowed to:
• Bid on an item you cannot use
• Bid on an item you will never use ( FREE ROLL EXCLUDED )
• Bid on an item that is completely unsuitable for your class or spec ( FREE ROLL EXCLUDED )
• Bid for friends
• Transfer items you won to another player. ( OR MAKE THEM PAY FOR IT )
• Sell an item you won ( YOU MUST EQUIP )
• Exploit or disrupt or upset the system