Meet the Officers

Guild Tabard


Guild Master - Malinor of Stormwind


Malinor was born in stormwind and grew up in a small home to Martha and Elban. He was always an inquisitive child when it comes to magic. It seems he had a knack for the minor charms, to his mother's dismay. Malinor loved to cause a little minor magic havoc in the house. He was identified at an early age by the Kirin Tor mages residing in Stormwind as having great magic potential. His training ended and his adventures began just as the Burning Legion rose to power!

Officer - Ardamiss


Ardamiss loves the light and all it stands for. He meet, Lunami, In the holy temple in Stormwind when he left Exador to pro sue his passion for justice. Now Ardamiss and Lunami discovered another devotion, the Light and each other. Ardamiss will protect Lunami, the one he loves, with his life and Lunami will heal him through the darkest of trial's. Together they remain unscathed from the darkness creations of the Iron horde.


Officer - Lunami



Lunami had hit the point in her life where she had decided to become a nun and was studying (aka cleaning a lot) at Stormwind Cathedral to do so. Then she met Ardamis...... and found a new path in life as a tank healer on epic raids. Lunami has found a real talent for shielding her friends and family from all harm as a discipline priest. She is always happy to help guildies with their quests because she enjoys teaching. Be forewarned, she has a habit of reading and folding paper cranes before fights and might miss the start of the fight if not verbally alerted its starting.


Officer - Shortrounder



Willow Barefoot was orphaned at birth, he was stolen from his parents at a very young age and grew up in a special school high in the mountains of Hyjal.  He gained many special skills at this school and was one of the top students of his Alec Highwind.  Before he was to complete his training he was given the name Shortrounder. This was to be his given name after he completed his final test an assassination of a high ranking official of the Stormwind government.  After he refused he found out just how evil his teacher and his teachings were.  He then founded Si:7 and has vowed to put a stop the Highwind and his clan.


Officer - Dymondcrushr



Dymondcrushr (Assassin Rogue) was my first of several WoW characters created Winter of 2009. My tank is, Executionist (Pally Tank), is my next most played character. I am excited to part of Nature's Fury, helping other Guildies advance in-game and become a more refined player myself.

Officer - Fazeswag

Fazeswag (2)


Hi I'm Andrew, the first ever Elemental Conjurer. Been a member since 9-24-2014. United States Marine Corps. If I'm ever on, don't hesitate to send me an invite for a raid or dungeon or any activity. also, don't be afraid to join in on a similar activity I'm very friendly. I have a pally (warglaive), Hunter (fazeswag), priest(chancellor), and druid(forgivness). NF4L 🙂